CloudBet Sportsbook Review

Industry-highest betting limits
Instant Deposits (0 confirmations)
Competitive bonus programs
Extensive live betting
Clean, usable interface
Bitcoins secured in cold storage
No phone or live chat
Slow email customer service

CloudBet Preview ScreenshotCloudBet is an easy choice as one of the top Bitcoin sportsbooks. Boasting both industry-high betting maximums and industry-low betting minimums, CloudBet overlays a very attractive interface on top of a powerful betting platform.

Deposits are instant with funds available to bet even with zero confirmations, and most withdrawals are instant (unusually large withdrawals may take up to 24 hours). With automatic game grading, wagers are graded and winnings available almost immediately.

CloudBet offers a large variety of sports to bet on – most markets are limited to the usual spread, total and moneyline, but CloudBet does also offer props and futures on select events. They do offer parlays (up to 7 teams), but do not offer any more exotic bet types, such as teasers or if-win bets. One of the more impressive features of CloudBet’s betting platform is their live betting – not only do they offer live betting on a variety of different games, the betting markets that they do offer are not confined to the typical in-game spread or moneyline. You can bet live on markets such as by-quarter or by-half betting, total corners, next team to score, and more.

Unlike other books, CloudBet sets its own lines, instead of syndicating their lines from a traditional offshore sportsbook – meaning that the prices are more volatile, and the lines and limits adjust as money from CloudBet customers come in. This is both a boon and a bust – bettors can encounter an atypically advantageous line on any given market, depending on how the CloudBet customers’ betting money has been distributed on that match. On the same note, bettors can frustratingly encounter an especially disadvantageous line. CloudBet protects itself by having lower betting limits on less popular markets, and increasing the limits as more money is placed on the game. For the most popular markets, CloudBet offers an industry-high 50 BitCoin limit.

In February 2014, CloudBet opened up a casino to it’s userbase. Unique to the sportsbook industry, CloudBet’s casino features live dealers. Offered games include Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette.

CloudBet Preview Screenshot - Betting MenuCloudBet’s user interface is both intuitive and attractive – users can conveniently customize their timezone settings and odds format from their personal preference page. The betslip stays on screen at all times, so users can comb through the available markets and add, remove and place bets at any point in the process. There is room for improvement – there is no way to view upcoming markets, there is no way to go back to the previous screen within the betting menu, and there is not a one-click way to view pending wagers, as most bettors prefer..

One additional security measure CloudBet has taken to protect itself from external threats is that it stores most of its funds in cold storage – in the event of a security compromise, most of it’s customer’s funds will still be safe. CloudBet also operates behind a 128-bit SSL certificate.

We put CloudBet at the top of our list of recommended sportsbooks because of it’s versatility – sports bettors of all types will find this sportsbook enjoyable. The beautiful interface and powerful betting platform as well as the added security are very nice additions to what is an already impressive sportsbook.

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Other Hockey (KHL, etc.)
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International Soccer (Friendlies, WC Qualifying, etc.)
Exotic Soccer (Friendlies, WC Qualifying, etc.)
Tennis Props (Set betting, O/U)
Racing (NASCAR, Formula 1)

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